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I enjoy teaching art to ALL ages! So, if you would like to schedule private art lessons, or small group art lessons, let me know. I charge $30 per person per 2-hours, supplies included (group discounts available).

It is relaxing, theraputic, and (most of all) very FUN.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Do you have a business that needs a logo? Do you have a wall that needs a mural? Maybe you have a plain, old, white, bear claw bathtub that you are sick of looking at? Well, shoot me a text or email. I have never turned down an opportunity to use this gift that the Lord has given me, and you will be amazed at what I can come up with for that tub! Take a look at my Portfolio to see more of what I can create.

ALSO, check out the products, such as coffee mugs, beach towels and more that showcase my artwork at


And, if you'd like to order fine prints of some of my artwork, you can order them at my online store at

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